Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I need to deploy my clickable map on a responsive website, but the map does not fit automatically. Any solutions/workaround for this?

    A: Perform the following steps to your premium map instance:

    1. Replace map.php with map_responsive.php within the IFRAME's src tag
    2. In the clickable map editor, set the dimensions of the map to default 960*720
    3. Remove the height and width attribute of the IFRAME element and add a style attribute with these CSS settings height:100%;width:100%
    4. Make sure that the parent container is big and flexible enough to have the map appear in a normal good looking way, i.e. too small height will make the map shrink vertically, while too small width will do the same horizontally.

  2. Q: After I save my premium map, the changes I have made don't show up on my map when I refresh? What is wrong?

    A: There is absolutely nothing wrong. This is happening because the browser caches all kinds of incoming web content, including your clickable map links too. Having your changes shown up is quite starightforward: Clear your cache and refresh your map/page once again!
    If you want to make sure you can even open an incognito window in Google Chrome and insert your map id there, because it will attempt to load all the resources no matter if they are stored in the cache or not.

  3. Q: I have my website served using SSL. Is it possible to load the map on secure websites?

    A: Absolutely. Make sure the prefix in the IFRAME's src tag is https and not http

  4. Q: Why is it recommended to use the premium US map if I can get the US clickable map from you for free?

    A:Currently the free US clickable map can only be edited once, when you are creating it. You finish your edits, you save the map, get the code and you are done. No more edits to your map are possible.
    There is also an attribution link, that is placed in the corner of your clickable map.
    When you use the premium map, you are not only able to come back to your map and edit it at unlimited times, but the attribution link also gets removed from it automatically.
    Moreover, only premium maps can be turned responsive, so if you are looking to deploy a map on a responsive website it is highly recommended you use a premium map.

  5. Q: I want to download the map code and use it locally, hosted on my server instead of relying on you as a 3rd party. Is that possible?

    A: Yes, it is possible. All of the maps we have available can be purchased as a downloadable clickable map plugin as well.
    The price of the plugin is $49.99 which includes one country/map.

  6. Q: I want to use Excel/Google Spreadsheets to store my map configuration data. Is this something that you guys can do?

    A: Yes. Such a functionality is available for custom clickable maps. Use our contact form to send us your rough idea and we'll get back to you with the best approach.

  7. Q: Can I include your maps in HTML emails/newsletters?

    A: Yes you can. Include the IFRAME of your clickable map in the body of your newsletter and you are done!

  8. Q: When clicked on a map region of my map, the browser is redirected to a wrong page or at least not the page where I want to redirect my users. In other words the links do not seem to be working. What can I do to overcome this?

    A: Make sure you append the prefixes http:// or https:// in front of all your links!

  9. Q: Are you available for clickable map customization / freelance work?

    A: Yes, we offer map customization as a separate service and are also available for freelance work

How to create a clickable map with Makeaclickablemap

Setting up a new clickable map is very easy.

Just follow the steps below, or if you have any questions please use the form on the contact page to contact us!

  1. Select a country map

    You can either do this using the slider on the front page or by selecting a country map on the maps page.

  2. Take your time to study the settings in the map editor

    Available options are:

    • Map size
    • Map label font
    • Map label color
    • Map label hover color
    • Color of labels outside the map areas
    • Map background color
    • Map area/region color
    • Map area/region color
    • Area stroke color
    • Area stroke type
    • Area stroke width
    • Area stroke hover width
    • Option to open map links in a new window
    • Option to show map labels
    • Option to show area title fields
  3. Start editing

    Once you started editing your clickable map, your changes will be visible instantly.

  4. Save your map

    You will have two options when you are done width editing your clickable map. Both options have their pros and cons.

    Let me detail them for you:

    • Get the map for FREE

      On Makeaclickablemap the clickable US map is for free.

      However, on the free US maps, an attribution link is shown and these maps are not editable later, which means that you will have to re-create them every time you need to change something.

    • Purchase the map

      All maps other than the US map are premium maps, therefore they have to be purchased by paying a small amount to be used on your website.

      However, these maps do not include any attribution link and you can come back to them later and commit unlimited amount of changes.

How to embed your clickable map into your website or blog

The exported code from Makeaclickablemap looks like this:

<iframe src="your-generated-map-link-here" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="720" width="960"></iframe>

What you have to do to display the map on your blog or website, is to copy this code and simply insert it to your page source.

IMPORTANT - If you are using a WSYWYG editor, make sure that the edit mode is set to HTML!

Makeaclickablemap is a web based tool developed by map professionals for those in need of an inexpensive yet beautiful clickable HTML5 map interface for their websites.
Our idea was to create a utility which provides high quality maps as an online clickable map or as a downloadable clickable map plugin that users can easily customize to their preferred look and feel and use in their web projects. Therefore using the tool is pretty straightforward:
When you are done editing your map, save it by pressing the ‘Map Code’ button in the bottom of the control panel! You can either save the map of the US one time for free or for a small amount you can come back to edit it as many times as you want. After saving the map, all you have to do is grab the iframe code from within the modal box that pops up and paste it to where you want the map to appear on your website.

Way simpler than coding maps, right?

If you still have questions, want to purchase and download a map as a clickable map plugin or if you have a idea of a custom map that you want us to create for you, you can always reach us by using the contact form.

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