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Create an interactive and clickable map of Brazil

Features of this map

This online tool allows you to create an interactive and clickable map of Brazil with custom display settings such as area color, area hover color, label color, label hover color, stroke color, background color and transparency and many more. Custom URLs can also be linked to individual map areas as well as labels and tooltips.

  • Colors and hover colors of map areas can be set either globally or individually
  • Label colors and label hover colors of map areas can be set either globally or individually
  • Label fonts of map areas can be set globally
  • Labels of map areas can be switched on/off
  • A transparent or colored background
  • 3 types of stroke type: solid-, dashed- and none
  • Dynamic stroke color, stroke width and stroke hover width
  • Links either open in the same or in a new tab.
  • Tooltips of map areas can be switched on/off
  • The map is fully responsive. To make the containing iframe fully responsive on your website, see answer #1 on our Frequently Asked Questions page

What our users say

Regions displayed on our Clickable map of Brazil

Our clickable map of Brazil displays the regions listed below. Settings like colors, links and tooltips for each region can be customized independently by clicking the region on the map.

  1. Acre
  2. Alagoas
  3. Amapa
  4. Amazonas
  5. Bahia
  6. Ceara
  7. Espirito Santo
  8. Goias
  9. Maranhao
  10. Mato Grosso
  11. Mato Grosso do Sul
  12. Minas Garais
  13. Para
  14. Paraiba
  15. Parana
  16. Pernambuco
  17. Piaui
  18. Rio Grande do Norte
  19. Rio Grande do Sul
  20. Rio de Janeiro
  21. Rondonia
  22. Roraima
  23. Santa Catarina
  24. Sao Paulo
  25. Sergipe
  26. Tocantins

Available map formats

This interactive clickable Brazil map comes in 3 available formats: as an online map, as a jQuery plugin or as a Wordpress plugin.


When you are done editing the map, save it by pressing the ‘SAVE MAP’ button in the bottom of the control panel! You can either save the map for free (US only) or for a small amount that will let you come back to edit it as many times as you want.
After saving the map, grab the IFRAME code from the modal box that pops up, and paste it to your website's HTML code!

More information

If you need more information, or if you want to download this map as a clickable map plugin or if you have a idea of a custom map that you want us to create for you, you can always reach us by using the contact form.

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This is a premium map

For a small amount you can save this premium map and come back to edit it anytime you want using an exclusive URL that you can find in your inbox shortly after your purchase. Pay $15 by card

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