Short instructions on how to create your clickable map

  1. Select the clickable map of a country or a region first. To do that, use the slider above or browse the maps page!
  2. Adjust the map settings using the controls above the map! The main settings are background color- and transparency, area color- and hover color, label color- and hover color, show title tips and open links in new window. You can learn more on map settings and setup in our User's guide page.
  3. Save your map by clicking the button in the bottom center!
  4. Use the IFRAME markup found in the modal box in your web projects!
  5. Enjoy!

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Makeaclickablemap is a web based tool developed by map professionals for those in need of an inexpensive yet beautiful clickable HTML5 map interface for their websites.
Our idea was to create a utility which provides high quality maps as an online clickable map or as a downloadable clickable map plugin that users can easily customize to their preferred look and feel and use in their web projects. Therefore using the tool is pretty straightforward:
When you are done editing your map, save it by pressing the ‘Map Code’ button in the bottom of the control panel! You can either save the map of the US one time for free or for a small amount you can come back to edit it as many times as you want. After saving the map, all you have to do is grab the iframe code from within the modal box that pops up and paste it to where you want the map to appear on your website.

Way simpler than coding maps, right?

If you still have questions, want to purchase and download a map as a clickable map plugin or if you have a idea of a custom map that you want us to create for you, you can always reach us by using the contact form.

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