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  1. Use our interactive US map editor below to create a customized clickable map for your website with your own colors, background, labels, links and tooltips
  2. Modify the appearance of your map by either using the map controls or clicking on any of the states
  3. Hit the MAP CODE button to save your free map you have just created!
  4. In the modal box you can get the HTML code of your map right away, but you also have the option to save it as a premium map that lets you make unlimited changes to the settings and removes the attribution link from the map
  5. If you need help setting up your map, use our FAQ page to find the answer to your problem or contact us and we'll be happy to assist!

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About Make a Clickable Map

The Makeaclickablemap team consists of two cartographers, Tamas Hajdu and Rita Hajdu-Gregor. Back in 2013 they realized a serious lack of easy-to-use and reasonably priced interactive clickable map creator tools on the web. Clickable maps sold on websites at the time were either too expensive and complicated, or they were cheap and lacked quality.
This fact brought them determination, and as cartographers with strong web programming skills, they decided to create something way better than there was available. A web application that would enable non tech savvy people to create and embed a clickable map to their websites without having to write a single line of code.
After a month of development and testing they released this online clickable map tool, Make a Clickable Map, which they hope you will enjoy using at least as much they we enjoyed creating it!

Featured customers

Make a clickable map client Nestle USA Make a clickable map client SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Make a clickable map client Treston (formerly Sovella)

The online clickable map tool

Our tool allows you to create interactive and clickable maps of many countries and states with custom display settings such as area color, area hover color, label color, label hover color, stroke color, background color and transparency and many more. Custom URLs can also be linked to individual map areas as well as labels and tooltips.
Each map is accessible on a separate site, which provides information about the mapped region and the list of available clickable map features and formats. Hints on usage can also be found on these pages.
If you have questions about any of our maps, or have a custom map project- or idea that you would like to discuss with us, drop us an inquiry using or contact form and we'll reply within 24 hours.

Clickable Map Products

Online Clickable Maps

Online clickable maps can be configured directly using our page and are the easiest to deploy. Just copy and paste the HTML code and insert to the website source code and you are done. They are hosted by us and premium users receive a link to an exclusive map editor they can use to make unlimited amount of edits to the map.

Clickable Map Plugins

Download your map as Wordpress plugin for Wordpress sites or as a jQuery plugin for general websites including all the files. Customization takes place by editing a configuration file. You are going to host your map on your own server, therefore it is not going to be reliant on our servers and you'll have full control of your clickable map.

Google Spreadsheet Module

Download your map as a plugin and edit it using a Google Spreadsheet hosted in your own Google account. If you are familiar with using Google Spreadsheets, you will love this tool as our Google Spreadsheet module for Makeaclickablemap provides by far the easiest way to edit and maintain your clickable map.

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Note that the free map contains an attribution link pointing back to our site and can only be edited once! Show free map code For a small fee, you can even save the map you've just created and come back to edit it anytime you want Pay $25 by card For an additional 5 dollars, you'll be able to export your map as an image UNLIMITED times in case you'd need to use your map in a static presentation or in a document Pay $30 by card

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